More information on viewing and signing up for a property



Contact me via:

Either I ~ or Kat from LV Properties ~ will arrange to show you the houses in which you are interested. I realise that it is not always possible for your group to come at the same time, so more than one appointment may be necessary; but remember that the people currently living in the house are probably in their final year so I don’t like to disturb them more than necessary. I’m very protective of the students who live in my houses. You too will be a final year student before long!

Reserving a house

  • Once you have chosen the house you wish to reserve, phone me to let me know not to rent it to anyone else; then click and fill in the online sign up forms.
  • Documentation will immediately be prepared and e-mailed to each housemate and their parents/guarantor. You then have one week to complete the renting of the house which means sending back the completed parental guarantee and paying the deposit.
  • The Deposit is protected by MyDeposits - a Government-authorised Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme. A Certificate issued by MyDeposits is forwarded to all the Housemates and their Guarantors together with associated paperwork to comply with current legislation.
  • During this time please phone me if you need any clarification or have further questions. Also, Unipol and the Student Union are always on hand to give advice, as is Kat.
  • There are no sign up fees and there are no hidden costs at a later stage.

Signing Up

An appointment is made for you to meet with me or Kat to sign the Tenancy Agreement in Leeds [or if you are abroad on a year-out, there are alternative ways of completing this stage].

You now have a house for your next university year!

What happens next?

I will write about six weeks before your tenancy starts with lots of useful information about moving into your new house: rent, keys, moving your things in, storage facilities, the inventory check, bed sizes, insurance and so forth.