Student Letting Leeds

Sue Michaels Student Lettings understands that, for Freshers, this will be the first time you and your friends have looked for your own house to share and live in. Sue will personally guide every student, and for that matter, their parents through the student letting process. There are laws and legal requirements that she carefully explains to make the process smooth and simple. Sue will also give helpful hints and tips about the actual moving process.

Sue Michaels’ student lettings are mainly six bedroom houses, located within five minutes’ walk of Leeds University, except for the one five bedroomed house which has a separate two bedroom flat attached, so this is sometimes let as a seven bed. Sue is prepared to let some of the six bedroom houses to five students with a supplementary charge for the spare room.

Sue Michaels takes the SERVICE to her tenants in her student lets very seriously.

If it is your first time living away from home and out of student halls, Sue will ensure that you are fully guided through the process of moving in and living in a student let. For example, burnt toast that sets off fire alarms can be “alarming” and, although there will be explicit instructions on the wall next to the fire alarm panel plus another copy in the House Folder, students often just reach for their mobiles and phone Sue, who calmly talks  them through silencing the alarm and clearing the sensor.

Re-pressurising the boiler, re-setting a circuit breaker or de-fluffing the tumble dryer is all part of your university education, you just don’t know it until you live in a student let house! Your parents will be so impressed with all your newfound skills.

Sue takes the SAFETY of her tenants in her student lets very seriously.

Sue is one of the winners of the Leeds University Union Knowledge Award for Safest House. From “intelligent fire door hold open devices” on the kitchen and lounge doors to full zoned fire alarm systems and emergency lighting systems beyond what is required in a student let, Sue Michaels has spared no expense in ensuring your Safety Comes First.

Sue Michaels takes the SECURITY of her tenants in her Student Lets very seriously.

Although there is anti-climb paint, security grilles and smash proof windows on lower levels and security and protection features such as sturdy hinge bolts and intruder alarms, it is the lock on every bedroom door and the personal digital hotel-style safe in every wardrobe that is loved by every student.

Whichever Leeds University or College you attend, if you’re looking for the perfect student house, contact Sue today on 07966 387 140 and see which properties Sue has to show you and your friends.