Student Houses Leeds

Are you looking for student housing in Leeds where you know you will be happy, content and well looked after? “Live and Learn in Comfort” is Sue Michael’s logo and has been her motto from the start of her business, fifteen years ago.

Sue has won and been nominated for many awards by the Leeds University Student Union for providing top quality responses to all questions and queries, providing the Safest Student Housing in the area and also for being among the best small landlords in Leeds.

Sue Michaels Student Houses have been structurally adapted so that no-one has a “box room”. All the bedrooms are generous doubles, with a good range of wardrobes, shelves, drawers and a large desk ~ you are there to study after all!

Sue Michaels Student Houses have a utility cupboard with a washing machine and tumble dryer and, yes, there is a dishwasher in the kitchen. And talking of the kitchen, there are obviously ample cupboards and worktops, a lot of fridge and freezer space and, very importantly, there is a table and six chairs for those “let’s cook” nights.

All the student houses have a separate living room with comfortable sofas and chairs, lovely coffee tables and side tables, great lighting and, of course, a large flat screen television.

High speed fibre optic broadband is installed and this summer all houses will have the new Virgin Super Hub 2 routers.

To make it easier for you when you are moving back home after a year in student halls, Sue can arrange for a “locked room” where you can store your possessions that you don’t need to take back home for the summer. Your boxes and bags will be delivered to your bedroom in your student house in July if you are not in Leeds but working at home or abroad ~ or maybe you are riding elephants through mountains in faraway lands or scuba diving in sparkling oceans.

When you return, Sue Michaels will arrange for her builders to hang your memorable pictures and also provide you with lots of poster pads for your photos [much better than blu-tac for the walls].

Sue Michaels will give you a Moving In House Talk and explain the workings of all the equipment and appliances. She has a wonderful support team of a builder, plumber, electrician and machine repair guy who have looked after her student houses for years and take as much pride in the smooth running of them as she does.

If you are looking for extra special student housing for when you move out of student halls in Leeds, then contact Sue Michaels Lettings today on 07966 387 140.