Over the years I have looked after hundreds of students. These are the main questions we are asked

Q: Can I use blu-tac or white-tac on the walls?

A: No but you'll be given loads of self-stick re-usable pads [free of charge] to put up posters and photos. If you need more of these clever pads, phone Sue. For heavier pictures, phone Sue who will arrange for one her guys to come round and put them up for you.

Q: I think I have a problem which requires a builder/electrician/plumber... what do I do?

A: Phone Sue - I will arrange for one of her trusted tradesmen to come and sort it out. Her trusted maintenance men have master keys to the house so no need to wait in or miss lectures

Q: What if there's a problem with the dishwasher/washing machine/tumble dryer or the oven/hob or fridge/freezer?

A: Phone Sue - I will arrange for my "white goods man" to come and sort it out. He also has a master key to the house [again, no need to wait in or miss lectures] 

Q: My student loan is late, I can't pay the rent yet. What should I do?

A: Don’t panic - phone Sue - alternative payment plans and dates can be arranged to suit you.

The theme here is PHONE SUE on 07966 387 140. If I can't help, I will always know someone who can.